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About INE

Welcome to the National Statistics Institute (INE)

Throughout Chile, nearly two thousand people work hard, day after day, to give a seal of quality to the public statistics produced by INE, which, together with its technical independence and the transparency of its procedures, constitute the three fundamental values of INE’s work. More than six-hundred surveyors travel throughout the national territory in search of data for processing, analysis, and dissemination by INE’s professionals and technical personnel. For this purpose, INE uses the most modern technologies and methodologies available, and it regularly incorporates international recommendations. From large logistical operations, such as the Population and Housing Census, to economic indicators, such as Employment and the Consumer Price Index (CPI), INE's information forms a robust basis for public policies and private projects. INE regularly disseminates more than seventy of its products.

In addition to producing quality data, it is essential that INE provide data that is suitable for wide-ranging and intensive uses. For this reason, an important part of INE's effort is aimed at disseminating statistical information through its website,, where tabulations, series, databases, publications, working documents, methodologies, and contact points can be accessed. In addition, INE has a strong commitment to contributing to social and economic research by providing access to the most important statistics for the academic community and national researchers.

At the same time, there are documentation centers in all fifteen regions of the country, as well as specialized attention for the media.

INE’s commitment to quality is also reflected in its following of international best practices. INE’s vision is "to be an autonomous agency with high technical capabilities that is recognized for its excellence in statistical production".

In addition, INE’s key values are integrity, excellence, commitment, and respect, and these values are shared by all who work at the National Statistics Institute.

National Statistics Institute