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Índice de Actividad del Comercio
Base promedio año 2018=100


Variación interanual
mayo 2024

Índice de Ventas de Supermercados
Base promedio año 2018=100


Variación interanual
mayo 2024

Índice de Ventas de Actividades de Alojamiento y de Servicio de Comidas
Base promedio año 2018=100


Variación interanual
Mayo 2024

Encuesta Mensual de Alojamiento Turístico


Total Nacional
mayo 2024

Encuesta Mensual de Alojamiento Turístico
Tarifa Promedio (ADR) en establecimientos de alojamiento turístico


Total nacional en pesos corrientes
mayo 2024

Commerce, Services, and Tourism

Summary - Commerce, Services, and Tourism

In its commitment to provide relevant and timely information, the National Statistics Institute (INE) publishes a series of products related to the activities of commerce, services, and tourism.

Measurements of monthly activity of commerce are collected for the Index of Commercial Activity (Índice de Actividad del Comercio, or IAC), a compilation of information on sales at constant prices of companies that are classified within this index and that are based in Chile. Through its analysis of year-on-year and monthly variations, the index provides an approximation of the monthly evolution of commercial activity. In 2017, the IAC replaced the Retail Trade Sales Index (Índice de Ventas del Comercio al Por Menor, or IVCM).

The Supermarket Sales Index (Índice de Ventas de Supermercados, or ISUP) estimates the monthly behavior of this activity through the sales, number of establishments, and surface area of supermarkets that have three or more cash registers installed. This index provides information at the national and regional levels.

The measurement of the Indices of Inventories of Commerce (Índices de Inventarios del Comercio, or IICom) complements the analysis of the IAC by providing a monthly estimate of the evolution of the level of inventories (valued at current prices in Chilean pesos) of the companies belonging to the sector of commerce.

The structure of commerce is observed through the Structural Survey of Commerce (Encuesta Estructural de Comercio, or ECOM), an annual statistical instrument that provides detailed information on income, costs, and expenses, among other variables, according to different levels of disaggregation.

The Index of Sales of Services (Índices de Ventas de Servicios, or IVS) provides an estimate of the short-term evolution of sales at current prices of non-financial market services. The companies classified within these categories include sales of secondary activities.

The structure of services is presented through the Structural Survey of Services (Encuesta Estructural de Servicios, or ESERV), whose purpose is to provide annual figures at different levels of disaggregation on income, costs, expenses, and other variables related to service activities.

The general objective of the Monthly Survey of Tourist Accommodation (Encuesta Mensual de Alojamiento Turístico, or EMAT) is to estimate the monthly evolution of the economic activity of tourist accommodation establishments. The EMAT is representative at the levels of nation, region, and tourist destination.

Each year, the Survey of Tourist Accommodation and Food Services (Encuesta Estructural Servicios de Alimentación y Alojamiento Turístico, or ESAAT) provides annual information on activities related to tourist accommodation and food service within the national territory, delivering data on income, costs, and expenses, among other variables, according to various levels of disaggregation.

For the full range of INE's statistics on commerce, services and tourism, see the Spanish version of this web page at Comercio, servicios y turismo
National Statistics Institute