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Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Fishing

Summary - Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Fishing

The National Statistics Institute of Chile (INE) administers the program of Intercensal Agricultural Statistics to support the production of agricultural data and to provide the community with information on the development of related activities in the sector and on the main crops and livestock species in Chile.
  • Surveys of the Area Sown for Annual Crops and Vegetables are conducted each year to obtain estimates of the area planted with species determined to be the most prevalent by the latest national agricultural and forestry census.
  • The Annual Crop Harvest Survey is a subsample of the Survey of Area Sown for Annual Crops. It measures yields and production of the season.
  • The Survey of Poultry Hatcheries measures the stocks and sales from producing, breeding, and hatching of birds by region every six months. Using the same scope, the survey also measures the production stocks of broilers, including the production and sale of eggs for consumption. The Survey of Pig Farms quantifies pig stocks and sales, reproductive parameters of pig production, mortality, and livestock diseases by region every six months.
  • The Survey of the Retail Dairy Industry quantifies quarterly production by dairy product (either own production or purchased from third parties), according to region.
  • The Survey of the Cured Meat Industry measures industrial production every six months, according to product and region.
  • The Survey of Livestock Fairs measures the number of animals traded in livestock-fair establishments.
  • The Slaughterhouse Survey (for poultry and livestock) measures the number of animals processed in slaughterhouses and the production of meat.
For the full range of INE's statistics on agriculture, agribusiness, and fishing, see the Spanish version of this web page at Agricultura, agroindustria y pesca.
National Statistics Institute