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Informality and Working Conditions

Informality and Working Conditions

Statistics on labour informality produced by the National Statistics Institute (INE) open a new analytical dimension that deepens the information currently provided by the National Employment Survey (ENE) by providing more detail on the quality of the jobs generated in the labour market, within a conceptual framework that is promoted and recommended by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Labour informality refers to all economic activities and jobs that in law or in practice are not covered or are insufficiently covered by formal systems (ILO, 2012).

In this section, you can find the main indicators on informality: The Informal Employment Rate and the Employment Rate in the Informal Sector, both of which are available from the July-September 2017 quarter to the present.

For the full range of INE's statistics related to this topic, see the Spanish version of this web page at Informalidad laboral

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